4 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds You Should Know

Family pets are the hardest thing to choose. You want them to be in the family for a long time, but you do not want them to become a bother at any point. The pet that many families choose is dogs. They are safe, can become great companions, and can be a part of the family for a long time. Hence, the smartest choice would be to choose a dog that will not need too much maintenance Now, you may be wondering exactly what low maintenance is. If you have had a dog before, then you already know what maintenance dogs normally require. First is dog hair. A low maintenance dog won’t leave hair everywhere. Just like that, there are many low maintenance dog breeds which we at PupnPaws have compiled for you. We can also help you to find out some cute dog names for your furry buddy. So here goes the list for some best low maintenance dogs.

#1. The Great Pyrenees

This dog was bred to hang around outside and take care of itself. They are big shaggy white dogs so they fit right in when guarding their flock of sheep. The Great Pyrenees was also selected to have a thick coat to protect it from mountain cold. They drool a lot, and when taking a drink manage to get water all over themselves. None of that should matter much if you are thinking of the Great Pyrenees as a low maintenance dog breeds. So, if you are looking for a big independent dog that can roam around your home with no or easy maintenance, this is a great breed of dog.

#2. Chihuahua

One of the lowest maintenance pups out there is the Chihuahua, making them a great fit for those who want low maintenance dog breeds. In terms of energy, Chihuahuas like to play, but after playtime is over, they love burrowing in a cozy bed or basking in the sun. Additionally, because they are small dogs, you can easily toss a ball for them in the living room while you are multitasking in the house. Grooming a Chihuahua is a quick and easy task as well.

#3. Miniature Pinscher

Small yet perfect low maintenance dog breed, the Miniature Pinscher is lively, energetic and alert. The fearless companion dog is the smaller version of Doberman. The brave little dog is generally good with kids and other pets as long as they are well-socialized. There are no health issues to worry about with this outgoing dog. Although the Miniature Pinschers have a lot of energy, they are suitable for apartment living. Note that they need a daily walk for both exercise and behavior control. They do not shed much when compared to other dogs.

#4. Toy Poodle

Being ranked as one of the smartest easy maintenance dog breeds, the Toy Poodles are highly trainable and capable of learning all sorts of commands and tricks. They are hypoallergenic, making them perfect pets for those who don’t want to deal with fur everywhere or allergy sufferers. Alert, faithful and loving, the Toy Poodles are easy to housebreak and generally polite with strangers.

Now, you have the knowledge of all the best low maintenance dogs, but it is not all-inclusive. Generally, if you have a specific dog breed in mind, just look them up and they may be low maintenance too. The things to look for are grooming and exercise needs. And finally never forget to buy Sweatshirts, mugs and t-shirts from us and make life with your pooch more exciting.


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