4 Ways to Remove Dog Odor and Make Him Smell Better

The composition of these liquids is the reason behind your dog smells. As the fur gets wet, more particles are spilled out and the unpleasant smell increases and this dog odor stay even after a bath. Does dog odor make you embarrassed? It’s true; dogs can be smelly, and sometimes very smelly. Are you wondering how you remove dog odor and make him smell better? Here are 4 dog odor remedies of how to get rid of pet odor. 

  1. Use Dog Wipes - Dog wipes are quick and easy to use dog odor remedies. These wipes are gentle on your dog’s skin and will help to deodorizer him. However, avoid using the wipes around the eyes. Prefer using the wipes made for the dog. Baby cleansers are a good alternative if you need to remove dog odor. Both are also handy to keep in the car to clean up muddy feet before they can track up your backseat.
  2. Brush Your Dog and Clean Your Dog’s Teeth and Ears Regularly - If you haven’t been in the habit of brushing your dog’s teeth, now is a good time to start and is one of the best dog odor remedies. It takes just a few minutes to give their teeth a good brushing. Good dental hygiene helps to keep your pet healthy by preventing gingivitis and it keeps his breath fresh is one of the ways to remove dog odor. If your dog has smelly ears, you need to make sure the odor isn’t due to a yeast infection or ear mite infestation. Both are treatable, but you will need to take your dog to the vet for treatment.

           Read about ways to keep dog tooth and gums healthy here

  1. Home remedies - Baking soda or cornstarch works well for giving your dog a dry bath when you want to get rid of dog body odor instantly. Sprinkle it on the dog’s coat and then rub it down to their skin, it is a great dog odor remedy. You can use a towel to brush it around and remove any excess fur, mites or oil and comb it out. Cornstarch can also be used to help stop a bleeding toenail that was cut too short.
  2. Keep the dog bed clean - Wash their bedding regularly. If a dog spends a lot of time on his bed or on a throw on the couch, it collects his dog body odor and he will pick up the smell when he lies down. You may not notice it, but anyone who comes to your home will. Regularly washing your dog’s bedding will remove dog odor from the house and help to keep your dog smelling clean.

Dogs have this amazing knack for finding people who need them and fill up the empty spaces in their hearts. They are the best friends we’ll ever have and they shower us with love and affection for as long as they live. They are a perfect combination of a sibling’s playfulness, and parent’s love. If you are the proud mom of a lovable dog, we have something amazing for you at Pup N Paws. Our collections of dog mom t-shirts are the best gift for dog owners.



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