5 Dog Festivals Around The World You Mustn’t Miss

You may treat your pup like royalty every day of the year. Though it is hilarious, there are really some people who believe that it's a dog's world, and we just live in it! So if you are tired of sitting at home with your dog; watching the canine shows on TV or if Not sure where to find fun and exciting trips to take with the dog? Try these dog festivals around the world that celebrate dogs in a big way. There are festivals where dogs of every kind are welcome and celebrated! Read 7 Amazing Dog Facts That Would Make You Go Wow!

These five festivals around the world should be on every dog lover bucket list. At Pup N Paws we have made a compilation of these 5 festivals. So read them on: 

#1. Chinese New Year Dog Birthday


There are 15 days in the Chinese New Year, and each day represents the day that an animal or human was created in Chinese mythology. Day two of this celebration commemorates the birth of the first dog. As a result, every year this is the official dog birthday of China, and all dogs—even strays—are fed well.

#2. Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade

This parade in New York City’s East Village in Tompkins Square Park is known for unusually wild costumes that are a creative inspiration to all dog lovers. Hence it is called the world’s biggest costumed dog parade, with hundreds of dogs and thousands of spectators. Here you can find a dog dressed as spaghetti and meatballs or a Chinese takeout container or a dog dressed as the rock star. You can even find a dog with a matching mermaid costume with her owner. Try Halloween Sweat Shirt from us as your costume for the season. The winner of one season was a trio of dogs dressed as a candy shop. The Tompkins Square Halloween dog parade additionally gifts the best in a show as prize of thousands of dollars.

#3. Crufts International Championship in the United Kingdom

In 1891 Crufts international championship show was hosted for the first time in the U.K but the show was officially recognized only on 1991. With a record exhibit of a total of 22,973 dogs that year the show was declared the world’s largest and most prestigious dog show by Guinness Book of World. In 2008 dog show which ran for 4 days at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham is the largest animal event held at the venue with over 160,000 human visitors. The winner of the title “Best in Show” receives a resemblance of the solid Silver Keddel Memorial Trophy and a surprisingly small cash prize of $200.

#4. Dog Day Festival at Tennessee

Come to see what all the fuss is about on the Dog Day Festival which is a must-see for every dog lover. Over seven thousand dog lovers travel to the middle of Tennessee for the Dog Day Festival.  Organized by the Nashville Humane Organization, this one-day event offers art, fashion, pampering, and health and training clinics with so much more!

#5. Kukur Tihar in Nepal

The best part of this holiday, for the pups at least, is that offerings of food are given to every dog and placed on the street for strays as well. In Nepal, the holiday of Kukur Tihar is celebrated by decorating dogs with flower garlands and ceremonial paint to represent that they are in everyone's prayers and thoughts. Celebrated during Diwali, a Hindu festival of lights, and one day of this festival is devoted to the worship of dogs.


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