5 Potential Dog Diseases That Can Be Prevented

Dogs have to deal with many different types of diseases just like we humans do. Some of these diseases are very similar to our own, but there are others which are not common to us. It is very important to know certain symptoms those diseases may show in order to act fast and avoid further health damage for your dog. It is especially important because many dogs try to hide their pain in front of their owners, which makes it even harder to notice it. If you see any similarities between these symptoms and your dog’s behavior, do consult a vet to prevent your dog from suffering any longer. Hence at PupnPaws we have compiles a list of some potential dog diseases that can be prevented, here goes the list

#1. Dog Health Problem Due To Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are certainly undesirable guests on your pet’s fur, but they are more than just unwelcome creepy crawlies. These tiny passengers can carry serious diseases that can cause profound illness in both pets and people. Want to prevent this dog health problem? Use a monthly topical flea and tick preventative, vacuum regularly, and always check your pets and yourself after playing with other animals or in grassy fields.

#2. Dog Health Issues Due To Obesity

Yes, dog obesity is a growing problem among dogs. If your dog is obese, they are more likely to have heart diseases, diabetes, and arthritis. It is caused by overfeeding and under exercise for dogs. Every breed has unique exercise and feeding needs ignoring which can create serious dog health issues. Other diseases and infections can have an effect on your dog’s weight as well. Diets with grains are more likely to cause weight-gain for your pup as the grains in their diets acts like rice in our diet. Carbs make us put on weight easily and so for them and that’s why a grain-free diet is recommended if your pup is overweight! You can make the exercise season more fun with our dog lover accessories like scrub tops, scarves, hoodies and lots more.

#3. Dog Health Problems Due To Bloating or Gastric Torsion

Does your dog wolf his food down in a blink of an eye? Then he may be at risk of bloat, which is basically an enlarged stomach; this can become even more complicated if the stomach also turns. Bloat can affect any dog at any age but there are breeds more susceptible to it: usually large breed, deep-chested dogs like Great Danes, German shepherds, boxers, Labrador retrievers, Bloodhounds, and Weimaraner. Have your dog eat slowly if you want to prevent this type of dog health problems.

#4. Parvovirus as Serious Dog Health Problems

Commonly called “parvo,” this virus is terribly common in parts of the country with low vaccination rates and can be seen in dogs and cats as well. Parvo is most frequently seen in puppies and kittens who have not yet been vaccinated. The mortality rate depends on how quickly the symptoms are caught by the owner and addressed by a veterinarian and the strength of a pet’s immune system. Most survivors of parvovirus do not harbor long-term effects.

#5. Distemper in Dogs

Canine distemper is a virus, which causes a disease of multiple organ systems at the same time.  This disease carries a high mortality rate and is highly dangerous for your dog. Infection with the canine distemper virus appears often in puppies between 6 and 12 weeks old. Prevention can be done by vaccination.

Often times they suffer in silence, unable to tell us if their tummy hurts or what aches. As pet parents, we try to take the best care of our little guys and gals, but it can be hard when they can’t tell us what’s wrong. However, regarding serious dog health care issues, you must book a visit to a vet. Read our blog if you want to know how to keep your dog calm during a vet visit.


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