5 things to pack when you’re on a road trip with your fur buddies

They say dogs make for the best travel companions. A road-trip with your fur baby might just be the best thing you’ll ever do. It is a lot of fun but also needs some careful planning. Before you head out, give yourself time to prepare for your trip and pack all the essentials to make it a stress-free journey.

Consider packing these 5 things when traveling with your tail-wagging buddy:

#1. Vaccination Records and Medicines

Even if you’ve taken all precautions and planned well for your road trip, factor in any emergency that may arise. Keep a copy of all vaccination records of your dogs in case you should need them. Don’t forget to pack extra medications that your dogs need, in order to prevent losing or running out of them.

#2. Pet Safety Equipment

Your pet is likely to want to head out for a bathroom break, several times during your trip. Make sure you take his collar and secure him to a leash when he’s out to relieve himself. A new place might seem like an opportunity to explore for your furry friend. Without the leash, there is a chance they’ll wander off chasing a new smell. Also, be sure that your dog has a tag with all emergency details such as phone numbers attached to his collar or harness. A lot of places have made seatbelts mandatory for dogs too. Carry a pet carrier, car seat, harness, or secured crate to reduce the risk of accidents.

#3. Bed and Crate

If your dog is accustomed to sleeping in a crate, don’t forget to take it along for a comfortable stay. A lot of pet-friendly hotels have a policy that requires placing your furry friends in a crate. Make sure you check with the hotel before booking. Also, remember to pack your dog’s favorite blanket to make it easier for him to settle in. If your furry pal like sleeping on the furniture, be sure to take extra sheets so that he doesn’t leave any marks. A good night’s sleep is essential for both you and your canine companion.

#4. First Aid Kit

Your pet is likely to experience minor cuts and scrapes during your adventurous trip together. Packing a first aid kit can be a boon for the trip. Even though there are several doggy first aid kits available in the market, you can try putting one together yourselves. Carry essentials such as scissors, bandages, thermometer, tweezers, and hydrogen peroxide. These should help with basic care in case your dog needs it.

#5. Food, Water and Toys

When you’re traveling, the last thing you need is running out of food or water. Make sure you pack extras of whatever your furry friend loves. Carry more than what they’re used to eating. Some dogs can be fussy when it comes to water. Take along drinking water from your hometown, and rely on bottled water as back-up.  To avoid carsickness, feed your furry friend well before starting your trip. This will give him plenty of time to digest the meal.

It’s always a great idea to pack your dogs’ favorite toys to help them stay comfortable while away from home. Familiar smells and chew toys can ease anxiety in your pets.

Start early on and prepare well before hitting the road with your furry friend. When you’ve thought of everything, you can enjoy safe, comfortable travels in the company of your dogs. Happy Journey!

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