5 Unique Gifts Ideas for Cat Lovers

Nearly everyone has a cat-lover in their life. If you have a devoted feline fanatic on your holiday gift-giving list this year and you’re looking for unique gifts for cat lovers that reflect her adoration of cats, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up unique, best gifts for cat lovers below. From t-shirts with cat print to scarves, totes, coffee mugs, leggings, personalized cat gifts and more, we’ve covered every conceivable corner of best gifts for cat lovers, from the useful to funny gifts for cat lovers, but quirky and hilarious. 

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 Cat Lover T-Shirt Is The Best Personalized Cat Gifts

People say animals love unconditionally and every cat lover clearly proves that. One of the things we love best about felines is that their love is conditional. They have to decide that a particular human is worthy of the effort of expressing their affection. And even then, sometimes they'll have to get back to you on it. This purple scoop neck fitted shirt with cap sleeves features a heart made from various types of happy cats and this version on purple is a Pup N Paws exclusive option of personalized cat gifts. 

Cat Themed Cushion Covers Can Be the Best Gifts For Cat Lovers

Only our adorable pets can make our world go round! Celebrate the love you have for your four-legged friends with this all over print, square scarf. Get the names of all your pets on this unique design. Team it up with your favorite outfits and show-off your love and the best gifts for cat lover are ready.

Tote Bags Are Unique Gifts For Cat Lovers

Everyone could use another tote bag in their lives, especially when it's covered in little cat faces and hence us a great personalized cat gift idea. And really, there's no other explanation needed other than "because... cats."

Sweatshirts For Cat Lovers Are Great Presents For Cat Lovers

The favorite thing about these sweatshirts is that they're warm without being too warm. Because this is a long-sleeved shirt and soft you would always be warm. And, I look at them they're the cutest presents for cat lovers.

Coffee Mugs Are The Best Cat Themed Gifts

Relax with a large, hot drink with coffee mugs from Pup N Paws to keep you company! Made of ceramic and holding generous ounces, and the best Cat Themed Gifts your morning coffee will be a bit more cheerful with your furry buddies happy and adorable face keeping you going with every sip. There's no need for "pinkies up" when drinking out of this mug; you'll need all your digits to lift it. 

Any of these would make a sweet and thoughtful present for the person you know who is obsessed with cats (and we all know at least one). Whether you want to get home necessities for your friend, a piece of clothing, or a cute accessory for them to wear, there are tons of options of unique gifts or cat lovers at Pup N Paws that would work. Just a warning, though: if you really love cats, you're going to have a hard time getting through this without pulling out your credit card and ordering something for yourself.

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