6 Great ideas to keep your Dogs busy indoors

Staying indoors with a dog might seem like a challenging task. Your cuddly, canine companion doesn’t like staying in and might present you with chewed up shoes, books, and curtains.

This is what dogs do when they’re feeling bored inside the confines of their homes. We provide them with hours of entertainment but when we’re not around, they tend to come up with their own activities. To stop their destructive habits such as excessive barking or chewing, it is important to spend some time playing with them.

Here are 6 great ideas that’ll come handy to keep your dogs busy indoors:

#1. Play Tug of War

A game of tug of war is a wonderful way to keep your dogs engaged when indoors. It doesn’t require too much space or special skills and is a great way to get your dogs to exercise. It is mentally and physically tiring and ensures meaningful play with your dogs. As long as your dog is able to follow basic commands and rules of the tug, it is a whole lot of fun. Contrary to popular belief, playing tug does not make dogs aggressive or dominant. Letting them win will make it more fun and will encourage them to play more. It also boosts their confidence in several notches.

#2. Let them Help out With Chores

Dogs love being involved in our everyday lives. They are more than willing to be useful around the house. Get them to fetch you things you need and they’ll be perked up. Start out by teaching them names of items you’d like them to retrieve. Tie a towel around fridge or closet handles to make it easier for them to pull open the door. Impress visitors by teaching your dog to fetch something from the fridge.

#3. Keep them busy with a stuffed Kong

Kong balls are a wonderful toy to keep your dogs busy. You can hide yummy treats inside and give it to your dog. It offers them with a challenge to work for, and a reward in the form of a hidden treat. Frozen Kongs are a great idea and will last over 30 minutes in most cases. They’re nontoxic, indestructible, and dishwasher safe.

#4. Try Basic Obedience Training

Even if your dogs are a pro at following basic obedience commands, it is important to refresh their learnings every now and then. This ensures that your dogs are able to follow your orders efficiently. All dogs must have reliable obedience for commands such as sit, down, stay, drop it, and come here.

#5. Create Your Own Indoor Obstacle Course

Dogs love being outdoors and jumping over things. However, on the days that it isn’t possible to take them outside, make the most of your time indoors and create your own obstacle course. Roll up towels and pile up pillows and let your dog jump over it. Make him weave through his toys and finish the set of obstacles you’ve created with your imagination. Build on tricks that your dog already knows to help encourage his focus and to keep him stimulated.

#6. Teach them a New Trick

Even an old dog needs a new trick. It is the nature of dogs to explore and try new things. There’s always a new trick that you can teach your dog. Try teaching them to weave through your legs or jump through a hoop. Once you’ve taught your dogs a bunch of tricks, step it up a few notches by combining them together to turn them into new tricks.

Staying indoors doesn’t really have to be dull and boring. Interactive play, fun games or teaching tricks can keep your dogs busy, and you don’t even need fancy toys for it. All you need is some time and dedication to keep your best friends happy.

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