7 Situations when dogs must be taken to the Veterinary

Dogs are parts of the extended family. And this extended member is also on many occasions our best friend to who we can confide our secrets and sorrows, with the assurance that they won’t judge us. It might take some time before you can win the trust of your dog, especially if it has been adopted, but once you have won it’s trust, it will never give up on you.

So if you own a dog, taking good care is very important of course but taking them to the Veterinary is the most important thing that we all must do. A dog can never verbally tell you that he/she is sick. So, you must rely on the symptoms, if any, to check if there is a problem. Here we have put together a list of situations when dogs must be taken to the veterinary.

Irregular breathing

Troubled and laboured breathing in dogs, medically referred to as Dyspnea, is a serious condition. If you find that something is stuck in their throat, you must tread with caution, as sometimes trying to be more proactive may mean that the element only gets deeper into the body of the dog which may prove to be fatal. In such cases it is better if you consult a vet immediately and seek help.  

Frequent seizures

Seizures mainly occur if there is a neurological condition, and is quite common in dogs. If it has never happened before with your dog and it is the first instance, you must take him to a vet immediately. The telltale signs that are associated with seizures include violent shaking and tremors, passing out, and in some instances the dog losing control over bowel and urinary control. Epilepsy is the main reason behind dogs having seizures, but the good thing is, not all seizures are life threatening. Nevertheless, Vet is needed!

Common allergies like Atopic Dermatitis

Canine Atopic dermatitis is one of the common allergies that are often caused in dogs by dust or pollen, yeast or bacterial infections of the skin and allergens from the parasites. If your dog is affected by this medical condition, he will lick, bite, chew, rub, or scratch at his muzzle, feet, groin, ears, or armpits, causing hair loss, and thickening and reddening of the skin. Therefore, when your dog shows such signs of allergy it is better to take him to the vet.

Severe lack of energy or collapse

If your dog is showing profound weakness, it may be because of internal bleeding, cardiac related issues, anaphylactic shock, poisoning and on certain occasions even organ failure. Each of these conditions can be fatal, so even the smallest hint must be your cue to take your dog to the Vet.

Trauma in any form

Sometimes there are no visible marks on the dog and he may appear unharmed prima facie, but there may be internal injuries that you have to look out for. Monitor the well-being of the dog closely and if you notice that there might something that looks like an internal injury, dial your vet immediately.

Diarrhoea and Vomiting

A protracted condition definitely cannot be neglected and points to a serious ailment. Also, the condition causes dehydration as necessary fluid is lost. If the discharge contains strains of blood, all the more reason to send for the vet immediately. Make sure to not forget about knowing ways to keep your dog teeth and gums healthy

Difficulty while urinating

This condition arises if there is an inflation of the bladder. It is not a life-threatening condition, but at the same time the condition is severely painful and causes intense discomfort to the dog. Sometimes the urinary tract is blocked by bladder stones, which again is very painful. If you don’t want your dog to suffer, get the sound advice of a vet.

These are the times when you should be taking your dogs to the Veterinary. So do not neglect their conditions and make sure to give them utmost care and love that they deserve from you. PupsNPaws is here with all the support and some great blogs that will keep you updated. We also have some amazingly personalized T-shirts for you to check. So stay in touch for some more freshly brewed content. Adios! 

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