Combat and Cure Osteoarthritis in Your Dog

Arthritis is actually a bone degeneration disease that causes inflammation and pain in joints be it humans or canines. But while in humans it is an age-related symptom, osteoarthritis in dogs has been diagnosed as early as one year old; following are the reasons why it affects the canine species

  • Developmental disorders like hips or elbow dysplasia.
  • Cartilage deficiency in dogs due to weight increase.
  • Trauma or injury to joints
  • Infection caused by bacteria or Ticks

One of the most familiar symptoms of osteoarthritis in a dog is general weakness and an unwilling to play or exercise. A recent study on the pets of U.S have revealed that approximately 14 million pets especially dogs have been suffering from canine osteoarthritis but only a portion of the affected species have been receiving a treatment (Read 5 potential dog diseases that can be prevented).

Canine osteoarthritis treatment in dogs can be quite expensive. So to save some of your bucks we at Pup N Paws have compiled a list of some lifestyles changes of your dog that you adapt to naturally prevent and even improve your osteoarthritis in a dog.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) estimates that about 54% of pets in America are overweight. Obesity is one of the reasons for arthritis in dogs as more stress is emphasized on the joints of the dogs, reducing their life. Hence it is very necessary to maintain a healthy diet in dogs for a proper diet. Apart from osteoarthritis in a dog, overweight lead to many other diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, respiratory disease as well. Hence the first tip is to buy food products for your dog that has exactly the amount of the nutrients that has been suggested by the vet. If you can put tabs on the weight of your dog by a balanced diet, you will be halfway done.

Dog Osteoarthritis Exercise

Since overweight is the one of the root cause of osteoarthritis in a dog, so once you have accomplished in balancing the diet of your dog, next try reducing your dog weight with the dog osteoarthritis exercise. Proper exercising will not only reduce the weight but it will also improve cardiovascular health and muscular health. It will increase the metabolism rate of your again contributing to a healthy weight of your dog and ultimately to the canine osteoarthritis prevention. But keep in mind do not engage your dog in exercise too much, rather set up a routine and make it a habit for your dog. You can try taking your dog to walk or play Frisbee and fetches. Even if your dog is well, regular exercise is always good for your dog. Make your dog exercise sessions more fun with our allover dog print sweatshirts.

Ensure a Comfortable Bed for Your Dog

Most of the dog owners overlook this important fact. Dogs that do not have proper beds lie on floors on their arms and legs. This can create a constant pressure on the joints if continued for a long time. Arthritis in dogs is intensified by cold and damp condition so a bed will keep your dog warm and dry. You can use orthopedic begs for dogs if you have a giant breed you can try therapeutic baby mattresses.

Canine Osteoarthritis Prevention with Glucosamine Chondroitin Supplements

In serious cases of osteoarthritis in dog vets prescribe glucosamine chondroitin supplements for curing as well as preventing canine osteoarthritis. These supplements provide your dog with the nutrients essential for rebuilding cartilage for the smooth functioning of the joints. These supplements act as anti-inflammatories reducing arthritic swelling. Medicinal supplements with glucosamine, chondroitin, green-lipped mussels, hyaluronic acid and MSM help rebuild joints.

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