Entertainment Ideas for Bored Dog When They Are Alone In Home

For any dog parent, it is quite difficult and heartbreaking to keep his pooch alone at home. Many dog parents have full-time associations, jobs and many other obligations that keep them away from home for long hours. This is a very simple part of everyday life. So if you too are dog parent you should be cautious about keeping your dog at home alone. Following ate the few things that you should keep in mind while you are out and you are home alone.

  • Age of your dog
  • Amount of exercise they are given
  • Overall behavior

These three factors must be seriously concerned like if you are less than 18 months they will need a lot of training. At such a stage keeping them alone at home can be risky, however, it won’t be a problem if your dog is old enough. Next, if your dog is old enough comfortable with staying alone at home then give them enough exercise otherwise they are likely to get bored, destructive, or even obese. Keeping a dog entertained while away will need a lot of patience and some creativity as well on your part. Following are some ideas of entertainment for a bored dog which you can try while you are away from your furry buddy


Wouldn’t it be nice if you had some live camera that would allow you to interact, talk and play with your pooch while you are away? A petcube facilitates this to you with its two-way audio stream, built-in microphone and speaker with a laser pointer as entertainment for a bored dog. Put on an allover printed dog mom shirt to make these interactive sessions even more exciting from our collection at PupnPaws.

Pet Tutor

Another gadget that can also help you is both in training and keeping your dog entertained while you are away. It is a smart wireless training game system with features of dog exercise which keeps them busy in your absence.  And the best point is you can reward your dog for good behavior through the Internet.

Get another Pet Friend for Him

If your dog is feeling lonely find him a companion with a new addition to your family. Adopt another fellow dog companion and let both of them play, isn’t it a great solution. However, you need to know if your dog is suffering from separation anxiety or not? And if that is the case then you must work on your dog before bringing in another companion for him.

Toys to Keep Dog Busy

There is a myriad of puzzle toys available for dogs. Each of which challenges your dog mentally. Apart from that these toys keep your dog busy as well. Providing them with mental stimulation while you are away is just as important as providing them with exercise. However, if you want to know how mental stimulation and training help your dog and how you can do it you can check our blog.

Self-Fetching Toys

These days technology is making not just our lives better, but our dog’s lives too! With new toys like the iFetch, your dog can play fetch all by themselves which will keep them busy for hours! Most importantly, these are great dog exercise options to keep them busy while you are away!

Soothing Sounds

 Soothing music and sounds can have a calming effect on your dog. Why does sound have such an effect? Sound healers have studied the therapeutic nature of sound through the years. They have discovered that by adjusting the different relationships between tone, tempo, and pattern, one can alter breathing, heart rate, and brain waves.

We know if you could, you'd hang out only with your pet. But to keep the dog entertained while you are away, these ideas to keep dogs busy are a must try.

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