Fun indoor games to play with your dogs

Are you living indoors with your dog and not able to go out? That happens at times when the weather isn't so encouraging to take them out for their regular walks. Yet, your dogs are lively and cheerful when they are active. Sleeping and slogging around all day long is not their part, and it makes them sad.

Do not worry; keeping them occupied isn't that tough. By this time, your pup might have known all your hideout places, and the very famous hide-and-seek might have become easy and uninteresting. They even love to have something new to energize their body and mind. Hence, here are the top indoor tricks and games which might help you in keeping your dog occupied. 

#1. Play a Game of Tug of War

Tug of war is a traditional family or gathering game. It always tests one's strength and enhances muscle growth. It does the same for your dog. Tug toys are all available and can be included in your dog toys collection. However, simple, strong cloth will do the job. Twist the fabric in such a manner that the grip can be ensured. 

Nonetheless, it's a game by the end of the day. Do not let your dog get all fiery. You can lose a couple of times to make the game more fun. Everything to keep our dogs happy at last!

Divulgence: It is an absolute physical exercise and fun-filled game.

#2. Teach Your Dog to Help With Chores

Dogs love to feel responsible. They love to have a job all the time and especially the ones which help you. The thought of being useful to you cheers them up instantly. Yet, it is not easy for training them to do the job perfectly. They are no humans and have their limitations.

Thus, you need to pick the chores that they can do in a hassle-free manner. Be diligent while training, like when you ask your dog to fetch something from the fridge, ensure the handle of the refrigerator is flexible. If it isn't, then tie cloth for their comfort of height.

Divulgence: This activity enhances the mental strength of your dog, and it keeps them alert all the time.

#3. Make Your Dog Work for His Food

We all love our dogs, and we try to provide everything to make them feel comfortable. From tasty food to playful toys, sloppy beds to tranquil love. Yet, everything should be so easy for them. Remember that they are scavengers and require their bit of sturdy behavior to keep them active.

Hence, give some tasks to finish before every meal and make it mandatory. They do the job, and they get their food. It isn't so unusual against their nature, and do not worry about it!

Divulgence: Everyday activities like these will increase your pet's IQ and set a routine for them. 


#4. To clean up his toys and find them

Dogs are just like your kids. They love to play with their pets and find their toys no matter where you hide them. Thus, you can make it a game or a job for the everyday. Keep them away or hide them underneath your sofa pillow. Let your dog search and find its own toys.

Also, teach your dogs to clean their toys after playing. They love to get attention and hence, praise them unconditionally for the job they do. This would make your dog feel more reasonable, and they will soon make it a habit to keep their toys clean.

Divulgence: Cleaning activities followed by your appreciation or attention, uplifts the dog's confidence and courage. This affair strongly increases their mental simulation as well. 

#5. Hidden treat puzzle challenges

There are numerous puzzle challenge games for toys that have the hidden treat visible for them. This treat motivates them to solve puzzles by hook or crook. The challenges are simple, which either requires the toy ball to be rolled or slant it in a particular position.

These games will enhance their thinking ability and also are the best time passers.  It keeps your dog occupied without loafing around.

There are different ways in which you can keep your dogs active. Their love is unconditional, and we can repay with the same affection and attention to them. So pick some of the above activities while indoor to keep your dog active and give them your kind of attention and love!

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