List Of The Most Exciting Dog Games

Dogs love playing a lot. They are the most exciting animals and they always love jumping, around with so much of enthusiasm. So we bring you a list of some of the most exciting dog games which might help you keep your dos entertained and active always. They might find them amusing and that can make them have good connections with you. So let’s more about these dog games.


Kids love bubbles. But guess what? Dogs do, too! Bubble-chasing can be one of the best dog games. Dogs are readily entertained by observing, chasing or snapping at passing bubbles. Just be sure to use pet-safe bubbles that are nontoxic if they get near your dog's eyes or are accidentally ingested. So check out for these kind of puppy games. Let your dog wear his favorite dog bandanas and get along to play.


Sticks are the cheapest dog toys, as they are readily found along walkways and parks, but they come with too high of a price, often leading to lacerations in the mouth or digestive tract perforations or obstructions. The great news is you can still give your dog the delight of fetching sticks with a pet toy shaped to look like a stick. Another variation on fetch is playing inside the home using soft toy animals or the a pole and line with a stuffed animal attached that can be used with more control than many traditional toys. Rather than throwing continually in a straight line, vary the height, direction and distance. The object is thrown to keep your dog mentally primed and challenged while playing. You dog will surely love this one from our list of dog games.


Frisbee is a distinctly different game from regular ball fetch in that the saucer lingers longer in the air than a ball, ultimately giving the dog a better chance of catching it in midair. The type of Frisbee that's best for a dog varies depending on the individual but can span soft flyers that are easy to grip to for the most vigorous canine athlete. There's even that allows for a longer launch without having to touch the slobbery disc. So buy these toys for your dog games with convenience for you and your dogs.  


Discover your canine's proclivity for search and rescue work by hand-placing, rather than throwing, one of his favorite toys in front of him while he watches from a stay position or someone holds him. Then release him to go find the toy. For dogs not as crazy about toys, you can hide a food puzzle or chew bone in the yard for them to find in a similar manner. Once the dog catches on, you can up the difficulty by hiding the toy in harder-to-find places, such as in taller grass or under a bucket, as well as putting the dog in a separate area, such as inside the house, before giving the command to "find it." The game challenges the dog to use his sense of smell, rather than a visual stimulus, to find his target. Then, play a game of fetch or tug as a reward for finding the hidden gem. This kind of training of dogs is very much beneficial for their brains. 

So these are some of the best dog games you can play to entertain your dogs and keep them active and entertained. Stay in touch for some more freshly brewed content and do not forget to check with our website PupNPaws for some of the coolest merchandised products. 

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