Strange but True Dog Instincts Facts

There are some instinctual behaviors in every dog in which they are proficient without any kind of training. While some specific breeds have notable natural instincts for guarding, herding or hunting some canine instincts are genetically common in dogs. Instinctual behaviors of a dog include his ability to learn through nose, eyes, and ears. An inclination to guard their food, space, and pack are also examples of dog instincts.

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The following are some interesting 4 dog instincts facts that are strange but true.

Dogs Can Sense Earth Quakes

Unlike us, dogs can hear the high-frequency sounds of rocks grinding and moving deep beneath the earth’s surface, signaling a quake. More recent and reliable information hypothesizes that dog’s ability to sense an earthquake is due to their acute hearing. A Greek historian once recorded dogs fleeing the city of Helice before an earthquake ravaged the city.

Dogs Can Sense Negative Energies

Dogs are actually better at reading human body language than our close cousins, the chimpanzees. You can trust your dog’s instincts no matter what for if they don’t like a certain person, they will bark at them. Additionally, they can smell things like alcohol, drugs, and other dangerous materials that may be unusual for their environment and make them act up.

Dogs Know When You Are Going To Have Labor Soon

Usually, a human mom will have a pretty good idea of when they’re about to go into labor, but they’re not the only ones! Though some people believe that dogs have a sixth sense, in reality, they just have better senses when it comes to body language and emotional changes in a person. Therefore, your dog might know you’re about to go into labor even before you do, or before they can smell your water break.

Dogs Know When You Are Coming Home


Do you find your dog waiting by the door every time you get home and you keep wondering if he has been there all day? Well, this might not be the case for the North Carolina State University explains that your dog knows to come to the door even before you’re in your driveway because they can recognize the specific sound of your car engine. Even if you don’t drive, they will likely identify other triggers like hearing the neighbors who always come home right before you. It is due to an acute smelling sense that dogs can smell tumors and cancer in their masters.

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