Things to consider before picking the best dog breed that suits you

Are you planning to welcome a new family member in your house? And that family member is a beautiful furry baby? Then, you are all set to become a pet parent!

Now, that's a delightful thing to start experiencing the pet's love. They keep you zappy and share a bond no one can ever replace. Nonetheless, choosing your furry family is also no easy job. 

Well, choosing the best breed out of hundreds is one challenge to face, and picking the best buddy that suits your lifestyle is the second most. The decision is not mere, especially when you are first time parents and requires a commitment of time, effort, money, and love! To ease up your thought process, here is a simple checklist that can help you choose your perfect wagging tail to stay around!


#1. Are you really in for this?

Yes, you heard it right. However, you made up your heart to welcome a furry family member; it absolutely requires you to check whether you are profoundly into this. Pets not only require basic amenities to grow well but require abundant amounts of love. Along with the cost commitment, responsibility is the major check you need to see in.


#2. Check the buoyancy levels of your family

Furry families always have their marks with high energies. Yet, they are lively only when you are. So pick the breed which matches up to your levels not to set variant standards. Dalmatians, terriers, retrievers, beagles, and a few others are super active and would be ill at ease when such an environment isn't around. 

When your vibrancies match, half the work is done. You would feel each other family and home!


#3. The space you are living in accounts as well

Different breeds settle differently in living spaces. Like Great Danes comfortably fit into apartment homes, Bichon Frise and Pomeranians do not look for colossal space either. Hence, one filter to choose your breed would potentially be your space. 

Based on this, you can pick in the right set to match for you. 


#4. Grooming needs of the pets and their climatic tolerance

All again, not all breeds can fit into any environment. Few cannot tolerate immense heat, and few cannot cope up with the long snowy nights. Breeds can be again filtered here based on their tolerance levels. 

As climatic tolerance is dependent on habitat, grooming needs are to be checked from your end. Healthy and cheery dogs require timely grooming. It would be best if you looked over how often you can spend a lovely bath and grooming time with your dog. Voila, a chance to filter again!


#5. What are you looking for in your dog?

Though most parents do not look in for anything to own a furry family, you might always have had some fantasies to do with them. It might be tagging them with you in your long morning exercise, needed protective support, or the most agile pup parenting your child. 

Hence checking in their type to see what they are is a must. It always meant to support and strengthen your captivating bond with pups.

Super tip: Spend a particular time with your probable dog before deciding on adopting. A couple of hours (likely 1-2 hrs) will help you in understanding the dog's behavior. 

And with this, you can filter the pickable breeds that would suit your lifestyle, and the final choice would be left. It just takes a bit of your time into thinking and searching to zero out the best fur baby you and your family loves. 

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