Tips for a perfect puppy training

Having a puppy can be really the best time of our lives because the adorable things they do can just never fade away from our minds. They play, they cuddle, they snuggle slowly between us when we sleep and we even like their little naughty deeds which are supposed to be wrong in a way. So the best we can do is try to control ourselves and start puppy training them. Puppy training is very important if you want your baby boo to grow up and turn into a good dog. So the first and the foremost important thing to remember is puppy training pads because we don’t want our puppies to get hurt. Let’s see what can be the most important points while puppy training.

#1. Choosing a name has an impact!

It is always good to have a cute name that is short and apt for your pups. Make sure it has a strong component that sounds a little assertive while puppy training. It is a fact that a strong, commanding consonant will alert your pups and they will end up perking their ears. This way their attention is totally towards us and what we are trying to teach them. The best part is, pups are not used to their names and that is why they will totally turn towards you when you call them by their new name.

#2. Having a list of ‘Do’s and Don'ts’ is better!

Have a clear idea as to what your little furry monster is allowed to do and what not. Puppy training can be hectic if a proper planning is not done. Clearly you will end up messing up your own mission of puppy obedience training. So before you even start your puppy training classes, just have a mental list of things which your pup has to learn and things which he is not allowed to do. That way you can carry out an effective puppy training. 

#3. You puppy needs his own nest!

Puppies are very adorable and you just cannot resist them. So you let them sleep with you, on you, under you and everywhere possible because you just cannot resist their cute cuddles. But hey, stop there! Control and take control of you pup too. Crate training a puppy is very important. Puppy obedience training can be effective only when the puppy has it’s own bed and place to sleep and snuggle. Teach your puppy how to sleep independently. Discipline can be taught to puppies only when you give them a little space and learn things on their own. Crate training a puppy is very much useful.

#4. Teach your pup to come when called!

“Aww baby boy! Come here! Good boy! Brave boy!”

Aren’t these words similar to what we hear from all the dog lovers? Yes! Puppy training involves not only a little strictness but also some extra care while teaching them the commands. So the best thing you can do is reinforce them with some cute calls and then pat them and gently cal them lovey-dovey names.

#5. Rewards are a must!

Know that your puppy training has gone well and that your baby champ has done a great job. Now it is time for you to reward the champ with some goodies. You can use toys, treats, cuddles, hugs, pats,some homemade dog food, playbones and other small ways to show them that they will be rewarded each time they do a good work. Make sure you don’t encourage their bad behavior because that will confuse them and there goes your puppy training down the gutter. Take great care of your pups as dogs make home a heaven.

So these were some of the most interesting and effective tips for a perfect puppy training. Tell us what’s running in your mind in the comment section below and do not forget to like and share this article with all the dog lovers you know. Visit our website PupsNPaws  for more such content and also for some interesting merchandised products for sale.

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