Tips On How To Socialize Your Dog

Dogs are the most beautiful gifts God has given us as they are considered to be man’s best friend. They are the ones who cheer us up all the time and so don’t you think it is necessary for us to help them socialize and a live life with other dogs and animals? Well, you know the answer. But how do you do it? Here are some tips on dog socialization that might help you cheer your dog and take him out to meet other dogs and animals. All this while, dog training or if you have a puppy then puppy training is really important.  

#1.  Friends 

For the really nervous dog or puppy invite friends who are quiet and dog-savvy. For dogs that are scared of men, start with women and then try to find soft-spoken guys who are smaller, as they will be easier for your dog to meet. Be sure to have plenty of toys and treats in hand so your dog pairs strangers with good things. Inviting well-mannered children is great too.

#2.  Parks

Parks are great because of all the different people your dog can meet. If shy, go mid-week when kids are in school and fewer people will be at the park. Again, take plenty of toys and treats. Maybe you can gift him dog bandanas with his name or picture printed on it. He might want to flaunt it outside. Watch for signs of stress and try to leave before your dog has had “enough” or gets scared. 

#3. New Walking Spots

It’s easy to take your dog on the same walk around your own neighborhood every day, but it’s not the best thing for your dog. House training a puppy or taking him around in the same place will be of no help. Instead, take time to drive your dog somewhere and walk him there like a new neighborhood, a new city block, a new park, etc.

#4. Overnight stays

Take your dog or puppy on overnight stays. Even if you have no trips planned now, doesn’t mean you won’t later. Practice by going to a nearby hotel for a night or a weekend. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, your dog doesn’t need the suite, you just need her to be used to the people, the elevator, noises coming from other guest rooms, etc.Check the dog behavior and then try figuring out what to do next.

#5. Vet Office and Groomers

The vet office and groomers are scary places due to the smells, other animals and strangers that have to touch your dog. Help him by going to these places for social visits where he just gets attention and treats from the staff. This helps relieve the stress and gets your dog more comfortable with them.

#6. Road Trips

Even if you can’t afford to spend the night somewhere, take day trips to new places like a nearby beach, lake or popular hiking area. Research first and be sure if dogs are welcome. Remember, the point is to socialize your dog with people as much as it is to get him used to new environments so chose a time to go when there may be some people. It’s up to you and your trainer to know how much your dog is ready to handle. 

So these were some of the most important tips on dog socialization. Let me know in the comment section below if you have anything else in your mind. I would love to tell them out to people. PupNPaws is offering some really great designs on accessories and shirts. Check then out and stay in touch for some more freshly brewed content.

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