Tips to take care of your healthy dogs

Dogs are easy to train only when we keep them under control but take utmost care of them at the same time. You should prioritize it's time and also make sure to keep your dog under rules of your home. That is when your dog will learn things quickly and even take care of itself in a disciplined way. So here are some of the tips to take care of your healthy dogs. Know more about them from other articles on dog training and taking care of older dogs that are present in our website. But first, let's take a look at these tips that are crucially important. 

  • One of the main things you need to do for a healthy dog is take him to the vet for vaccinations. 8 weeks is more than old enough for the first round of shots. Ask the vet about flea, tick and worm treatments also. Make sure you feed him a quality food that is appropriate for his age.
  • Check out dog training or obedience schools. They will teach you the techniques to teach the dog not to bite people. Make sure you choose one that teaches by positive reinforcement. Punishment will make a dog afraid and/or aggressive in the long run. That may have been what happened to your friends dog. Get him some different toys to see if he will chew or bite on those. They make several toys that you can put a treat inside that will keep him occupied for a few minutes. Eventually, he will learn to prefer to chew the toys instead of people.
  • If he does something wrong, firmly say “No” within seconds of him disobeying. It is even better if you say “No” while he is doing something wrong. Otherwise he won’t understand what he did wrong. If you have to pull him away from something, do so but then step back from him. You do not want to give him any more attention than is necessary to stop the bad behavior. Never hit a dog.
  • Make sure you praise him, pet him or give him a treat when he does something correctly. This also needs to be done within a couple of seconds of him obeying. Puppies have short attention spans so you need to be consistent and repetitive for him to learn.
  • He is old enough to learn to urinate and defecate outdoors. Puppies have small bladders and have to go quite often. The time in between his need to go out will lengthen as he grows. A dog’s sense of smell is many thousands of times more sensitive than ours. Thoroughly clean any place he has had an accident in the house so the scent is not prompting him to go inside. To start training him to do his business outside, you need to be walking him every couple of hours. I suggest you walk him as soon as he is done eating or drinking. Make sure you praise him as soon as he does urinates or defecates outdoors. You might keep him in a crate a night. Dogs do not like to use the bathroom in the same spot they sleep. Take him out and walk him the second you open the crate in the morning and the last thing before you put him to bed at night. He will be hungry in the morning so you will need to walk him again as soon as he eats. Do not expect him to defecate every time he urinates. This is normal.

So just relax and stay attentive about the health of your dog. Take good care and then l am sure your dog will stay healthy. Look for some personalized dog mom all over print tops from PupnPaws. You will love them for sure. Do not hesitate to comment if you have something to say and also share this article with all your friends who are dog lovers. Adios! 

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