Trendy and unique accessories for dogs

Like it is always said, dogs are man’s best friends and so why not reward them for being such good friends to us? Why not look for some really cool dog accessories for them so that they get excited and love you a little extra? So let’s see if these accessories for dogs can be useful or not. Given below are some really amazing trendy dog accessories that will woo you and your dog equally.       


Let your pup brush its own teeth with the Bristly Toothbrush For Dogs. Designed as a standing meat-flavored chew toy, it gently cleans your pooch’s teeth with bristles and toothpaste. Three out of four dogs show signs of periodontal disease by the age of three. But grabbing your pup and showing a toothbrush in its mouth is bad news. Both for dog parents and dogs themselves, brushing canine teeth has become a tedious and unpleasant task. This toothbrush for dogs invites your pup to play and brush its teeth at the same time. Made from natural rubber with bristles able to withstand the heaviest chewers, it takes only 5 minutes of chewing to clean your pup’s teeth. 


Furzapper is a pet hair remover that you can add to your washer and dryer. Pets are a blessing. The fur they leave on our clothes is not. Furzapper separates the hair from your clothes during regular washing cycles. You can also add to your dryer which will make your lint trap fill up faster than you can say “Who let the dog sit on my cashmere sweater?”. This small gadget’s tacky flexible structure allows for a gentle and stress-free washing of your clothes. You can even use it in a dry state to wipe the fur off smaller surfaces, like car seats or couch arms.  


The Wickedbone Interactive Smart Dog Toy allows you to keep your dog happy and entertained. Even when you’re not around or too tired to see straight, let alone play with your pooch. Wickedbone has two available modes. Through Drive mode, you can connect this toy to the Wickedbone app on your phone. Through it, you can drive the bone around with a virtual joystick and have it jump and spin with 9 preset motions. The second mode, Interactive, has Wickedbone playing with your pet by itself. It rolls around trying to entice your pooch and have him or her play with the toy. So it can be one of the most interest dog accessories.   


Turn your dog’s meal times into a delight with these custom ceramic Personalised Dog Bowls. They come in the perfect dimensions to ensure convenience for the canine and get their stomach full in no time. They also look great and would make a great gift for any dog owner. The bowls feature a dog bone design that can hold a paw print, your doggy’s name or both. The bone makes it an instant eye-catcher for every canine and makes their meals that much more special. Ceramic is a great choice as it is both durable and easy to clean. There are many other things like dog bandanas, dog leash, dog crates and what not!

You can also look for scrub tops and some amazing varieties for dog-moms too at PupNPaws. Look for the collection and stay in touch so that you don’t miss out on our articles. Until then, do not forget to take good care of your old dogs and train your young energetic dogs well. Adios!  

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